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Fri, Aug 23


Bend of Ivy Lodge

Embodying the Moon & Channeling the Sun

This unique gathering offers an opportunity to unplug from our day-to-day lives and engage in the alchemy of the heart, transforming mire into truth.

Embodying the Moon & Channeling the Sun
Embodying the Moon & Channeling the Sun

Time & Location

Aug 23, 2024, 5:00 PM – Aug 26, 2024, 12:00 PM

Bend of Ivy Lodge, 3717 Bend of Ivy Rd, Marshall, NC 28753, USA

About the Event

In a world that often feels disconnected, come together with Debbie Mills and Allison Dennis for a transformative retreat in the serene Blue Ridge Mountains of NC on a 63 acre nature sanctuary.

This unique gathering offers an opportunity to unplug from our day-to-day lives and engage in the alchemy of the heart, transforming mire into truth.

With over 55 years of combined expertise in somatics, yoga, breathwork, Vedic astrology, and music, Debbie and Allison provide a deeply immersive experience that integrates these disciplines cultivating calm, equanimity, poise, and compassion.

In this current climate of uncertainty, find solace and strength in the collective journey. Join us to embrace the lessons before us with a heart transformed by truth, supported by the multidisciplinary strength of Debbie and Allison's teachings.

Private Sessions:

Each participant will receive two 30-minute personalized consultations, one with Allison and one with Debbie scheduled individually prior to the retreat. This will enable us to curate a very intimate and personalized retreat catered to your current needs. Allison will provide astrological insights, focusing on how the sun and moon’s positions in your natal birth chart influence your life. Debbie will review your physical and emotional history, framing it through the subtle body lens, preparing you to see and practice yoga in a new way.

This retreat is not an escape but a deep dive into the vast oceans of resilience within each of us.

~ Experience the power of acknowledging your body as the subconscious mind, initiating a journey towards self-integration and understanding.

~ Develop practices for deep inner listening through Nada Yoga, focusing on your subtle body to achieve peace and alignment.

~ Learn to reframe your concept of time as a dimension that enriches your present, offering new perspectives and wonder.

~ Engage in guided practices and techniques that meld ancient wisdom with modern insights, making the esoteric knowledge practical and actionable.

Special Sessions Include:

  • Vedic Astrology & the Yoga of Listening: These sessions with Allison focus on a listening meditation followed by discussion on the moon's current position. Vedic astrology is a sophisticated system that can greatly influence your sense of balance. Indian music is a medicinal art form that aligns the emotions.
  • Vedic Teachings on Equanimity & Time: Explore teachings from Vedic texts on balancing and purifying the sun and moon channels and emphasizing a Vedic perspective on equanimity as the key to discernment. Understand the concept of time in Vedic traditions and how that reframe can create wonder and peace.
  • Illuminating the Shadow: Debbie will delve into the somatic principles that activate the mind-body complex, exploring the shadow within and shedding light on its subtle dynamics.
  • Evening Kirtan: Engage in this devotional practice, an experience that unites voices and hearts in spiritual celebration, enhancing the communal spirit and fostering a deep connection among participants


  • 3 nights Accommodations: At Bend of Ivy Lodge in Marshall, NC, just 30 minutes north of Asheville, check room options below
  • Gluten-free & vegetarian meals, vegan options on request: Friday dinner, Saturday & Sunday brunch and dinner, Monday brunch
  • All day tea service, milk substitute available
  • Private sessions with both Debbie and Allison individually prior to the retreat
  • Riverside nature on a 63 acre tucked away sanctuary
  • Connection with like minded individuals… and meeting Allison’s chihuahua puppy Roo!
  • Yoga, Kirtan, and spiritual teachings
  • Time to relax and unwind
  • We suggest you unplug as much as possible, but hi speed wifi is available

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