Janie Lowe

HR Manager, Whitley Products

“Your lodge was wonderful and I’m quite certain that we’ll be back. It is a perfect location for a retreat/teambuilding activity for the corporate senior management team.”


Amanda Zabel

“Bend of Ivy has helped me hold a naturally beautiful, nurturing, and safe container for the many groups of women I have brought here for their deep work.  I have chosen this stunning place for many years, and have always been rewarded. Our experience since the new owners became shepherds of Bend of Ivy, has been even more wonderful, as the buildings have all been given new life and loveliness. Susan clearly resonates with my vision and warmly accommodates our (reasonable) needs.   Susan and her staff handle the logistics with grace and ease, allowing me to focus on the work I am here to do.  Everyone of our retreatants over the years has fallen in love with Bend of Ivy’s stunning landscape, welcoming lodging, incredible food, lovingly tended grounds and deep connection to Mother Nature. Thank you…we will be back again and again.” 

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David Frechter

Founder, Spirit Journey

“What a pleasure to facilitate a retreat at Bend of Ivy Lodge! Our programs took full advantage of the lush environment including the pond, labyrinth, gardens, and trails. The Lodge, with its huge windows in the central meeting area, was the ideal place for deep group work. Living together in one this inspiring building fostered intimacy and community, and the Lodge provided a perfect container for our purposes.”

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Henry Kimsey-House

Co-founder of The Coaches Training Institute

“Bend of Ivy Lodge has become the model of a retreat center for me and our Leadership programs. The deep and obvious care of the land is present in the beautiful and mindful way that both the gardens and the buildings are cared for. The work that I get to do here is transformative; the place makes it sacred. “

Judy Anderson

Wedding Guest

This is an absolutely exquisite place. Your building design is amazingly wonderful. It was a great pleasure just being here. The full moon rising last night was quite something! 

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Alan Basist

Event Organzier

“The long-planned Thanksgiving celebration was much more of a
success by having everyone living in the Lodge. It was a perfect place to accommodate all the individual personalities: we each had personal space with walks to the river or going into Asheville, while at the same time we could share communal living.”


Andrew Lovett

Participant, Instructional Design Workshop

” … an oasis of learning in this beautiful facility. The natural setting encourages both relaxation and concentration, and the accommodations are comfortable while being a world away from the airless, joyless atmosphere of most conference centers and hotels.”

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Bruce Mulkey


“Thank you so much for creating this space for us to step into. Our weekend here was magnificent.. a memory I hold dear for the rest of my life. I leave fulfilled and joyful. There is nothing I would change about our entire wedding weekend at Bend of Ivy Lodge.”

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Patti Digh

Author of Life is a Verb

“As soon as I walked into Bend of Ivy Lodge, I knew our retreats had found a home. The beautiful simplicity of the Lodge, the care taken in the surrounding landscape, the right mindfulness that the space engenders–all of it so beautifully supports our retreats on living more intentionally and creatively.”