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Meet the Stewards of Bend of Ivy

Bend of Ivy (BOI), a nature-focused retreat center, is owned and managed by Susan Walters Minker and Alan Minker.


BOI is part of Intentional Growth LLC (IG), Alan and Susan's company. IG's purpose is stewarding and supporting the intentional growth of people, planet and purposes. Bend of Ivy is the heart center of this. It's a space and place for clients and guests to create extraordinary experiences, including: 

Gather. Renew. Celebrate. Grow. Be.


Susan is an experienced coach and facilitator, and a Presence-Based Coach.  She enjoys working with individuals, groups and the land. All connect for her. Susan's trained and certified in many ancient and developmental practices, systems and methods, including the Enneagram. As a former professional landscape designer, she enjoys nurturing land as well as people.  For more on Susan’s offerings and services, please click here.

Alan is a business and finance leader, besides being a goat herder and pup playmate. He’s a partner with Kaplan CFO solutions, and CFO for a few Asheville companies including Bend of Ivy. In addition to his finance work, you'll often find Alan tending the land or goats, playing with Jackson or hiking.

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