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Purple in the Garden, Soul & Mind

Purple and blue petals are splayed across the pond garden beds now. Truly a visual delight. These color hues are glorious, powerful and resonate calmly with the mind and soul. That made me curious. What’s the meaning, interpretations of the color purple?

Researching the significance of purple opened up interesting articles and thoughts regarding this delicious color. I know I’ve loved purple, by itself and in combinations, and now I’m intrigued by its impacts on the mind and senses.

Seems purple is the color of good judgment. It’s the color of people seeking spiritual fulfillment and often regarded as a good color to use in meditation.

Purple is the color of the Crown Chakra, located at the top of the head. It’s linked to the crown of the head, the nervous system, and the brain, and reflects or is representative of pure thought. This chakra connects one with the infinite consciousness.

Like purple? Then descriptions that flow around the word purple and you may be calm, creative, peaceful, idealistic, intuitive. When stressed, descriptions may flow such as: often late as time means little to you; may have a tendency to take on too may projects.  Sound familiar perhaps?

Oh well, I love purple. Actually have more purple petals coming to the gardens. Some cool majestic cardoons and lots of scented lavender appearing soon.

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