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Welcome to the Ben of Ivy Blog

Welcome to Bend of Ivy Lodge’s new website! We’re happy that you’re visiting our virtual Bend of Ivy home! It’s a special space and place, and often described as ‘magical’. The land, water, nature, buildings and creatures are part of that magic.

Please visit our public calendar of events. Many interesting and inspiring 2015 retreats and workshops will be taking place here. Most have a nurturing focus on mind, body and spiritual growth. See what may be fun, inspiring, or help you grow and/or heal.

We provide for rent a private venue space of 63 beautiful acres nestled amongst the Blue Ridge mountains. We look forward to talking with you about Bend of Ivy, and any possible needs and dates.

We’ll be sharing stories, photos, and thoughts on our blog. Hope is that blogs are engaging and entertaining. There are many fascinating adventures, people and discussions at Bend of Ivy to be shared!

We are grateful.

Warmly, Susan and Alan

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