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Spring, Renewal + Pause

Spring is inspiring! Each day brings forward a new discovery, new emerging growth in the gardens and land at Bend of Ivy. The season reminds me of of the beauty of renewal. Simple and powerful.

My walks tend to become meandering, and I pause. My heart feels lighter and I breathe deeper. Also, just a glimpse of those beautiful blue ridge mountains grounds me and makes my heart full.

It’s our first spring living on the land, Alan and me. Truly delightful seeing what pops open each day. Feels like a kid in a candy store walking around. Sugar rush! Or, a fanatic gardener at a spring plant sale.

A tall majestic tree next to the Art Studio suddenly glows with chartreuse leaf buds one day this week.Visits to the Labyrinth are frequent, as we eagerly check for any new daffodil clumps emerging along the walk edges.

We’ve been busy through the winter and early spring, renewing ground and building spaces. Lots done, more to come.

Look for our new BOI quarterly newsletter, first release soon. Some of our major enhancements and changes are noted, too many to mention all.

If you’d like to receive a newsletter, watch for the upcoming opt-in newsletter subscription link on the  Home page. Or drop us a note.

Be well, enjoy spring and renewal, Susan

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