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Savor Life: When Less Can Be More

Life continually shifts and unfolds in each moment. It changes. We change in each moment as our world and personal ecosystem change. How we respond to our changes makes a difference in the unfolding of our journeys.

Dig deep, what’s wanted in your unconscious and conscious? Hopefully remember, and learn or relearn to savor joys and content moments. I’m trying. Our technology, culture, desires and fears can get us so wired that we forget. To savor.

Last week I went to a talk by witty and accomplished blogger Susanna Barbee at a women’s business conference. In the short breakout, Susanna talked fast and shared a lot … a bit of drinking from a fire hose experience. Good gems that I appreciated. One of her pearls of wisdom that grabbed my attention was about sharing our stories with authenticity, including the shadow parts.

Made me look deeper inside, at what happens when deciding what to share or not share. Often I feel deep emotional pulls when good and ‘not good’ memories or feelings come up when writing. Especially the not good ones. I try to sense what feels comfortable, or ‘safe’, to reveal around emotions, experiences, memories, habits, triggers and on.

Often it’s shadow stuff that gets held back. To me, revealing inner stuff can feel like peeling oneself open. Anyone else feel that way? Losses and struggles are part of life, our human journey.

When my two children were very young, I had 4 second semester miscarriages within about 4 years. Most friends and neighbors knew of my first miscarriage, and never knew of the other pregnancies and losses. I kept those quiet, except for a few friends and family. I had my own home business during this time and pushed hard. Work became less and less important. I became less driven. I savored my children more with each loss, realizing the living miracle it was that I could carry them.

So, I may play with this a bit. Being vulnerable and authentic. I think it’s about intention of the writing, and the purpose of sharing a story. Think my training in developmental coaching has helped me step into vulnerability in new ways. And, I’m an ongoing practice in my own awareness and development. Learning about conscious and unconscious drivers, shadows, attachments, voice, desires and fears has helped.

Still learning. For me, it has been overwhelming and delicious seeing what’s out there to learn. So many amazingly gifted teachers and facilitators come through Bend of Ivy Lodge (retreat center we own/ steward), teaching and reaching people. Love what flows around us.

And I’m grateful to live in the Asheville area!  The Asheville community is rich with wise teachers of eastern and western knowledge who have chosen to settle here. And share and explore.

I see amazing client work happen here, and I often experience a daily awakening of some kind when I’m still, and really present with myself and my surroundings. An awakening to new things  … fascinating creatures and the sacredness of their being, energy exchanges, mountain magic and a connected thread that flows between all. I often feel like a kid released into a huge sandbox of fascinating toys, or a gardener released into a lush plant nursery.

Some things I’ve witnessed:

  • Magical energy exchanges between people, creatures and nature.

  • Being in nature, and not really seeing it when not open & still.

  • Goats are smart, and curious. Don’t leave your trunk or car door open around goats, or you’ll have new furry passengers.

  • Shifts of awakening can happen wherever you are. If one is still and really open to the present moment.

  • Compassion & self-compassion are healing.

I’m trying some new practices. One is letting go of the desire to learn more, experience more. While I love to learn and experience, I’m realizing enough can be enough.

In savoring, less can be more.

With love,


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