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Bend of Ivy's February 2022 Newsletter

Dear all,

Sending you wishes that you're nurturing, feeding and fueling well your body, heart, head and soul. I did today with a hike and visit to see the goats, with Jackson our border collie pup. That fed and fueled me. My whole being. Especially my heart. This is winter, and it's supposed to be a slower time of resting if we follow nature's rhythm. Sometimes that happens here, and often it's not slow with winter BOI projects. Winter is a key prep time for us for needed grounds and maintenance projects. As a former landscape designer, I know the value of winter planning, prep and envisioning. Seeding intentions, growth, plans. Besides the land and people, key for us in our caretaking is the well-being of our goats. Our goats are precious to us, part of our fur family and grounds team. This week we lost one, Luna. She passed Wednesday evening, a full moon night. She was beautiful, lively, feisty, sometimes shy with people and loved her family. Especially her brother Chaundra and mom Tia. We will miss her. Many wonderful upcoming retreats are happening at BOI this year by talented teachers, trainers, healers and coaches. Check out our 2022 BOI Public calendar for updates to our retreat and program calendar. As for updates, a current new one is a new trail project, and goat care project. A new temporary goat feeding field has been set up, to clear the land for a new trail and tree bathing trail. It's a delightful forest area, close to the Lodge and Studio. Check out our FB and IG sites for updates and goat photos.

Newsletter includes:
  • Winter Special BOI Booking Sale

  • First Quarter 2022 BOI Public Retreats & Workshops - Many wonderful well-being retreats, with talented healers, coaches, trainers.

  • Reset & Wayfinder Enneagram Retreat: Well-Being Magic of Maps, Nature & Sound Healing (BOI client discount available for retreat. (code BOI2022)

  • Enneagram Typing Interviews & Consult - BOI client discount available.

Sending love, be well,


Upcoming Public Retreats & Events at Bend of Ivy Stay updated here! March 7-9

PBC I Coaching Course with Bebe Hansen and team

The Presence-Based® Coaching Course is a three-part program. This course provides coaching and change professionals with a pragmatic toolkit for accelerating your own development and that of your clients.

Click here for more details.

March 17-19

New Model of Recovery Retreat

Come join us to learn ways to inquire into and learn ways to dissolve the beliefs, rules and other forms of conditioning that create suffering. Co-developers and retreat leaders Scott Kiloby and Dan McLintock will offer practical tools to aid in this process in an unconditionally loving environment.

Click here for more detailed information.

March 24-27

A Return to Spirit: Men's Retreat from Jenny Aiello

Do you feel a calling from deep within, but not sure what it means? Or, do you know of a man in your life that could use some support and clarity? Invite them to join us for this weekend of self-discovery, healing, growing, learning and allowing room to live fully and wholeheartedly as the year unfolds.

Click here for more details. Please feel free to share BOI client programs and retreats to others.

Reset & Wayfinder Enneagram Retreat: Well-Being Magic of Maps, Nature & Sound Healing Want to grow, connect & restore your body, heart and mind? Spend March 5th in nature at BOI as a reset experience. Explore and experience the Enneagram, energy & body + heart wake ups. Spacious breaks, afternoon with nature & crystal sound healing. Grow your self, with ESP+* (Enneagram, Self-Awareness, Presence). Explore ennea subtypes, energy, instincts & growth paths. With Susan Walters Minker Experienced Enneagram Practitioner/ Coach and Presence-Based Coach. Sign Up Here for more info and schedule. Discount for BOI Clients, see info link.

Need Lodging? BOI Lodge stay option available for participants for 1 or 2 night BOI stay. Limited spots.

Email to apply or inquire.

Curious about your Enneagram Point/Type, Instinct? Feel mistyped?

Find your home ennea point. It's key in a self-discovery journey. Enneagram Typing Interview & Consult with Susan. Take an Enneagram Typing Interview to discover your possible Enneagram type, energies, instincts and subtype. Susan offers Enneagram Typing Interviews & Assessments, as well as the top 2 Enneagram adaptive tests. Here's some about her Enneagram work. Susan is an experienced, credentialed and caring life and enneagram coach. Loves supporting people with self-discovery and enneagram journeys.

Thanks to fantastic winter work & care by our Grounds crew, Mike & Shane.

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