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Bend of Ivy's July 2021 Newsletter

Greetings Friends!

Summer is a beautiful season here, and many retreats, groups, couples, organizations are flowing through here enjoying the land and nature. Busiest summer season we've had. And, with lots of TLC staff care flowing to the grounds, buildings and goats. We're grateful!

We have a busy stretch of retreat happenings at the Bend of Ivy. Coming up are Women’s retreats, Yoga retreats, Leadership retreats, an Enneagram retreat and many other events. If you're looking for a retreat treat here, check out upcoming events. If you’re a BOI facilitator and want your retreat info shared and posted, please send us your info. We’d love to share your event on our Upcoming Events page.

As we here at the Lodge enter a busy and full season (maybe you are as well), I try to take presence pauses ... to pause and savor stillness and a moment. Wherever you are, hope you can find your presence pauses, moments of stillness. For me, it's mountains and nature that usually slow me down. So do the pond dragonflies. They remind me to pause. Living and working at a retreat center does not always bring a presence pause, or living with a border collie. :)

If you need to book a retreat or upcoming stay at the Lodge, please reach out to A few weekend slots just opened in the next 3 months. Maybe this is your sign to take a break and unplug. Or offer that special retreat or event!

Wishing you a beautiful summer. Hoping you get outside and enjoy nature with some good pauses. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Sending love,

BOI Public Calendar - Upcoming Events
Torch Yoga Adventure Retreat - August 27-30, 2021
Yoga retreats don’t have to be all about the poses. Torch Yoga Adventure Retreat is all about the experience. Join us for an epic 4-day / 3-night journey into the mountains of Asheville, NC. Each day you will wake up in a beautiful oasis surrounded by adventure and nature. Start the day with a power yoga class to get the blood pumping, then be prepared to take full advantage of all the amenities located within Bend of Ivy Lodge. To learn more and/or register, visit their website.

Ready to Exhale Wellness Retreat - September 2-6, 2021
A wellness retreat for Black/Brown womxn to breathe in new possibilities, experience the power of nature, and be in a supportive SISTAhood. We will practice radical self-care through daily guided meditation, breathwork, and movement classes meant for all bodies and abilities. We will also ignite our creativity with a creative arts workshop, enjoy adventure with hiking, a night out for dinner, and more! .

Enneagram Wayfinder: Journey to Experience Awakening - September 16-19, 2021
Journey & Experience: Enneagram knowledge, awareness, insight, clarity & wisdom. Join Enneagram practitioner and coach Susan Walters Minker and her team. Experience a long weekend of experiential enneagram learning, renewal and healthy whole body nurturing. In nature. At magical Bend of Ivy Lodge.

If you would like to have your event listed on our website, please use this Google Form to let us know the details.

Buildings, Grounds & Gardens Updates:

  • New trail created for River & Salamander Valley Trail access.

  • Freshen-ups. Paint TLC - buildings and exterior furniture.

  • New BOI & trail signs.

Book Your 2022 Event Now!

We suggest you book your desired 2022 dates now, for your best and preferred dates.

Our 2022 calendar is filling fast in some months.

Thank you for your support of Bend of Ivy!

We hope to see you soon!

Feel free to share our newsletters! And connect with us on Social Media.
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