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Bend of Ivy's June 2023 Newsletter

Dear all,
Summer is in lush radiant bloom now. Delightful to all the senses! We love seeing guests and clients unwinding, savoring nature. They relax as they meander Bend of Ivy's spaces, grounds, Lodge and BOI's light-infused meeting space, the Pavilion. What happens? It's kind of a Release Magic for the body, heart, head and spirit. Power of Nature's healing + BOI's energy.
That happened last weekend at BOI. It was a training on the magic of somatic (mind body) release healing. It was a practitioner training on healing trauma.

Our client SEI (Somatic Experiencing International) hosted their Beginner I Trauma Training Program last weekend at BOI. It was the first of six SEI training programs happening at BOI. These happening the next 2 years, part of a 3 year SEI Practitioner Certification training.

I'm super grateful to be in this practitioner training myself. Experiential training on healing and the subtle impact of small healing shifts. Small baby steps can be powerful.

We love giving clients an energetic healing container for their intentional growth work ... our/ your work. Bend of Ivy & nature does that.

Need a reset? Check out our 2023 Public Calendar. Want to host a 2024 retreat at Bend of Ivy? Reach out now for your preferred 2024 dates. Read on ... June's Newsletter includes...
  • Spring/Summer 2023 BOI Public Retreats & Workshops

  • Enneagram Well-Being Virtual Programs, Retreats

  • Retreat Hosting Gem Tip - A best practice Retreat Hosting Idea

  • Open position for part-time grounds helper.

Be well,

Supporting humanity's healing and intentional growth is a key purpose of our company Intentional Growth LLC dba Bend of Ivy Lodge, and our BOI team. Alan and I are so grateful for our dedicated incredible BOI team.

(Our facilities manager Mike was dubbed Amazing Mike by recent client)

Bend of Ivy's Upcoming Public Retreats & Events Stay updated here!
July 6-10 Camp Motherworthy With Beth Berry Click here for more details July 21 - 23 The Love Frequency: 3-Day Modern Alchemist Retreat With Adora Winquist Click here for more details. July 27 - 31, 2023 Return to The Sacred Feminine With Ciaara & Kathryn Click here for more details. August 7 - 9 PBC Alumni Retreat With Bebe Hansen Click here for more details. August 10 - 13 A Return to Spirit: Men's Retreat With Jenny Aiello Click here for more details. August 17 - 20 Katie Sutton Retreat With Katie Sutton Click here for more details. More 2023 Calendar events, click here! Please feel free to share BOI client programs and retreats with others! Shares of healing, fun and growth experiences!
Why Retreat: The Value of Retreating in Nature
Retreating in nature offers immeasurable value for individuals seeking solace, rejuvenation, and a profound connection with the natural world. In the midst of our fast-paced and technology-driven lives, retreating to the tranquility of nature provides a much-needed respite from the constant demands and distractions.

Nature offers a sanctuary where one can escape the noise of everyday life, allowing the mind to unwind and find clarity. The restorative power of nature lies in its ability to awaken our senses, evoke awe and wonder, and foster a deep sense of peace and belonging.

Whether it's a hike through a lush forest, a quiet moment by a serene lake, or a mindful walk along a pristine beach, retreating in nature provides an opportunity to recharge, reflect, and gain a fresh perspective on life. Through the embrace of natural beauty, one can find solace, nurture well-being, and rediscover a profound appreciation for the inherent interconnectedness of all living things.
Intentional Growth + Enneagram Nuggets

What’s your Inner Critic voice, the ‘Judge’ say to you?
That ‘Judge’ voice is an unconscious voice with sayings or messages that aren’t accurate. But you accept the voice as yours. Until you learn to stop, pause and discern what’s your real inner voice saying.
More.... Tame Your Inner Critic Voice: Impact of Ennea Type Want to learn more about the Enneagram, and you?
The Enneagram is a powerful self-discovery psycho spiritual system. It's soo much more than a personality system! Register now for 2 Intro Enneagram Summer Buzz workshops! Free, small group. Limited spots. For new, newer Ennea explorers Enneagram Wayfinder Workshops Introduction to the Enneagram System of Nine Personality Types Friday, July 28, 12pm - 1:15pm Register Here. Intro to the Enneagram System of Nine Personality Types + Q&A Thursday, August 17, 12pm - 1:15pm Register Here. Enneagram, Nature & Well-Being Alchemy Retreat Ennea + Experiential @ BOI Save the Date! Saturday, August 26, 9:30am-4pm Limited spots. Email for early invite & info... info@bendofivylodge. With Susan Walters Minker
Life & Leadership Coach/ Steward/ Enneagram Practitioner Questions? email
Meet a favorite BOI Space...
The Koi Pond, Fire Pit and Pergola


We are hiring!!!

We're now hiring for a part-time BOI Grounds Keeper for 1 -2 days/ week. Some grounds experienced needed, and caring environmental focus. Feel free to send interest or questions to

Until next time, if not already subscribed to our list, please do! Get BOI shares, newsletters and specials.

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