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Bend of Ivy 's November 2021 Newsletter

Warm Thanksgiving Greetings

Hello Dear Friends,

Warmest Thanksgiving wishes to you and your family. Thanksgiving is a holiday set aside for intentional pausing, to give thanks. It can be a mix of emotions, celebration, memories, pauses, joys and remembrances of loved ones. Hoping you enjoy many moments of gratitude, pauses and love. Alan and I are grateful, so thankful, for our BOI team: Mike Lavoie, Cris Botero, Shane Paulsen, Erin McHale, Stephanie Rincon, Brett Duncan, Dava Melton and Katie Fiore. BOI gems. A special thanks to BOI caretakers Mike and Cris. Their stellar care and expertise is felt at BOI, since their start last May. It takes a village of care, work and attentiveness to run a retreat center. Our team does so with intention as caring stewards... of Bend of Ivy, nature, people and our precious planet. And, we're passionate about creating extraordinary experiences for BOI's clients and guests. You. And, Alan and I give big thanks to you, our BOI friends and guests. We appreciate your choices to stay, retreat, visit and enjoy Bend of Ivy. Thank you! Your comments and feedback are appreciated too. Now more than ever people need restoring, renewing, repurposing, revitalizing and resetting. We hear it all the time, and see it. That's what we try to offer and support here. Extraordinary and magical experiences for people. Resets. Reset is a movement now, The Reset. Doing life better. Some musings on thanks, gratitude and resets in my current blog below. Love to have you return soon to BOI! You can offer your own creative retreat experience, stay as a guest or come attend a retreat experience hosted by one of our amazing retreat clients. Many great retreats happening in 2022!

Happy Thanksgiving, take care and be well!

Susan PS... In case this newsletter was forwarded to you and you want to subscribe, please do so here.


BOI Winter Bookings Special!

Xtra SPECIAL! ~ Now til Dec. 10... extra 10% off lodging special *

~ Book your Winter Retreat, Training or Special Event now through March 31, 2022 and get BOI's winter special of 2021 Prices extended. ~ * Extra Special Sale Ends Dec. 10! 10% off Lodging rates booked by March 31. Contact soon for preferred dates! Email us, mention Discount Code WI2022. ~ BOI's Perfect for winter (all seasons) Day, Weekday and Weekend Retreats, including Business & Team Planning Retreats.


Now Booking 2022 events and Studio solo, couple & small group stays.

  • Lodge retreats, events and parties are booked directly through us. You can check the Lodge Availability calendar for your best dates. Some December 2021 dates still available.

  • Book winter Lodge staycations for Family and Friend groups. Please email for info.

  • Studio solo retreat or small group stays. BOI Studio is perfect for that. BOI Studio is on AirBnB, for either a 1 bedroom/ bath or 2 bedroom/ 2 bathroom option.

  • Need a Day workshop space, with grounds to enjoy? If available, the Pavilion may be rented for day workshops only. Pavilion day rental generally available within 30 days of rental date. Please email to learn more.



BOI Updates:

Fall colors are about done now here, with still some orange and red popping. It’s a beautiful time here, with a mix of warm days and cool nights. The gardens and grounds are getting tidied up. Fall and winter is an active time for grounds and tree maintenance, and building care. We often tuck in special projects too.

Buildings, Grounds & Gardens updates:
  • Lodge exterior building paint touch up

  • Pond dam woodland ~ clean up

  • New trail, Lodge rear through woodlands

  • Spring House Gardens - Boulders & Bamboo clean up

  • Rockery Pond & stream clean up

  • Tree plantings - Pond slope

  • Exterior Building care - gutters, window cleaning

Intentional Growth Conscious Living Reset You, Your Life. Be Better. Living, Leading and Resets Maps & Foundations 101 Live Virtual Session December 14, 5:50- 7pm With Susan Walters Minker
Register here for more info. Limited spots. Small Group Session. Growth Mindsets, Presence & Enneagram Maps
Intentional Growth VIP Reset Retreats A Solo Retreat Experience. For Renewal & Deep Life Coaching At Bend of Ivy Lodge. Studio Suite. 3 days, 2 nights, Solo Retreat Experience Includes Lodging, Renewal, Private Coaching Sessions, Enneagram Typing & Coaching For info, Email


Did you see Susan's recent blog post?

Until next time, Make sure you are subscribed to our list to receive future newsletters and specials.
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