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Fall & Change.

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Fall is flowing with changing tempo. Nature seems to be preparing both slowly and quickly. Just like life. Change is a constant, in life and nature.

Fall is magical. A visual and sensory reminder of change, felt by humans and creatures.  The pinks of the joe-pye-weed are now brown, beacons of food for flittering monarch butterflies.  Lush purple beautyberry (callicarpa) berries, nestled in glowing chartreuse leaves, are visual magnets.

Nature is such a beautiful and interesting system to observe, feel and learn from. Fall serves a purpose, to shift beings (plants, creatures, people) from one state to another. Often shifting beings from an energetic state to a more inward state. Preparation for winter, and going inward. Good time to take some technology breaks, relax, meander in nature and realign with natural inner systems.

Summer was busy at Bend of Ivy. Many retreats, gatherings, celebrations and workshops were hosted and experienced. Much joy, stillness, learning, healing, tears, love and grief experienced on the land. Energy constantly exchanged.

While fall is often a favorite time, many of our clients love the winter season for their retreat or training work. Groups savor that time for deep inner work, planning, creating or healing.

Come, sit and cocoon in the beauty of nature’s winter. Seasonal discounts offered December through March, so good time for savings too.

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