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Sharing Joy with Whales

A magnificent Queen of the Ocean, a mother humpback whale, and her baby, recently blessed a group of us whale watching seekers. What a delightful pleasure!

Our group set off in two boats on a whale watching excursion in a remote bay off the coast of Mexico. Our expectations were low, as our guide had emphasized it was best to prepare with low expectations. Often whales were not sighted. We were hopeful of course, and excited just be out exploring the ocean.

As the boat chugged along, we sat quietly with awe respecting the ocean and what may unfold. Most of us were part of a retreat, and some passionately involved in environmental programs.

Consciousness around protecting and preserving nature was a very strong focus for most in our boats. I wondered if the ocean could sense that. I felt it did.

Our boats quickly found a mother humpback whale and her baby, slowly swimming. When we came upon them, they breached magically. And they then continued to do so repeatedly for an hour. The baby was adorable, mimicking her momma with each dive and breach. Often, she offered extra jumps of her own.

These beauties of the deep danced and played with us humans for over an hour, energized by our laughs, clapping and ooh and aah sounds. We squealed with delight as when fireworks display their sparkles in the night sky.

The guides said whales love the enthusiastic cheers and energy of people, and often respond by jumping more when encouraged. I believe we witnessed that, an amazing exchange of energy and communications between different sentient beings. Seems whales and humans each wanted to gift the other.

Whales are considered the guardian of oceans and sea travel by Native Americans and those following spirit animal symbolism. Whale symbolism includes wisdom, spiritual awareness, good luck and long lasting love. Whales mate for life. That seemed appropriate for this group too, as our retreat was a couples retreat.

As our boats returned to shore, we watched the two swim away in the distance. Interestingly, there was no more breaching and diving by them. Seems that was a display for us.

Watching these beautiful creatures and their playful display reminded me of the vast unknowns in life and on this planet. As I looked out on the ocean, their precious watery home, I was somber.

I was powerfully reminded how humans affect the homes and lives of so many unseen creatures, just by our existence.

We all share this precious planet and are connected.

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