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Spring, and Marvels.

Spring brings new and fresh sensations  … emerging buds, plants, colors, smells and life.

Nature smells fresher, air feels lighter and light looks brighter.  Those changes now swirling around. I’m feeling it in my inner being and the exterior world too.

Speaking of changes … Lots happening at Bend of Ivy, and around us. Life bubbling with shifts… How do I first know there’s something pulling me, in my system? Feel nudges in my body and energy. How about you?

Nudges serve me well, whether I’m wanting them or not. They often help me identify, or remind me, of deep patterns and habits. My feeling … nudges are a gift for growth. Whether it’s a gentle nudge, or more of a hammer, there’s a choice. Discern, grow, change … or something else. Perhaps pause.

And speaking of pause….. Wonderful things happen with a pause. With pause this week, I had my first spring turtle sighting at Bend of Ivy! A meet and greet. My family knows of my passion for these little amazing creatures. They are beauties, sacred nature beings.

Warning, if you’re behind me, I stop for turtles. I stop to help them cross the road, in direction that they are going.

That’s a turtle crossing tip!

As for spring sound sensory experiences… the frogs at Bend of Ivy are happy, and singing … (errr croaking) loudly. They’re happy as can be in the Rockery Pond, with tons of them swirling around. Fascinating to sit by the pond, listening and watching the frog and tadpole water world.

Alan and I love  hearing the frogs amazing harmony flowing the dark, during our nightly walks.

Spring at Bend of Ivy is a magical time. The creatures, plants, land and energy offer heart and soul food. More coming, emerging. Spring beginning.

Soon, we’ll be treated to hooting owls singing their deep song around the land at night. Another marvel.

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