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Bend of Ivy's June 2021 Newsletter

Greetings Friends!
Time is flying by this year. I know I said it in our last newsletter, but it seems to be going faster!
With the pandemic on a downward trend in the US, people are ready to get away, get into nature and create retreats… personal, organizational, leadership and wellness retreats. People are ready to meet, connect and gather in-person retreats again. You ready for a break from Zoom at this point?

Our calendar is almost full through early November now, with the exception of weekday time blocks. We’re grateful that companies, organizations, groups, and families are eager to come or return to Bend of Ivy. It’s a special place to many, including us.

If you’re thinking about booking a retreat, great! Please reach out as soon as possible to get preferred dates. Events are booking now for 2022. You can reach us at

We hope you and your families are staying safe and healthy. Our team continues to nurture Bend of Ivy and her spaces lovingly, with TLC. Bend of Ivy is open and ready to offer you and your group an extraordinary experience.

Sending love,

BOI Public Events Calendar. It’s Back!
With the uptick in retreat bookings, we’re bringing back our Public Events page. We want to support our clients. And, we want to support people’s growth and healing by promoting retreats and programs that do this, and may call to them.

If you would like to have your event listed on our website, please use this Google Form to let us know the details.

We’ll be listing retreats and programs that are within 6 months of the current date. We look forward to helping spread the word about your retreat!

Look in our July Newsletter for upcoming retreats and events that you can attend, share or both.

Staff Updates

Welcome our new BOI Team members!

Stephanie Rincon - Bend of Ivy Lodge Assistant

Mike Lavoie & Cristina Bolera - Bend of Ivy Caretakers

We're excited and grateful to welcome Stephanie, Mike and Cris to our BOI team. They're great! Stephanie, Cris and Mike offer BOI and our clients stellar retreat venue experience, knowledge, creativity and energy. You'll see and feel it when you visit and connect with us.

Mike is truly a gifted pruner. Artistic with a great eye. This is a skill (I know. I was a professional landscape designer in past). It's the nuances and spaciousness that make all the difference.

Enjoy the spaciousness and beauty of BOI's happy, pruned, plants!

PS … Pruning with intention works well for us humans in life too. :)

Buildings, Grounds & Gardens Updates:
  • Some new trees and shrub beauties freshening up garden spaces.

  • Building paint touch-ups.

  • Artful plant pruning by Caretaker Mike.

  • Wi-Fi Boosted & Extended- Lodge, Studio and Roadhouse. (Note… we want you to unplug. And, we know the need for fast and solid Wi-Fi for remote working and program connections.)

  • Sensory gardens coming ~ Edibles, scent, sensory.

  • Tree bathing trail for tree huggers

  • Pavilion deck TLC ~Deck flooring spruced up & fresh paint. Done soon!

Enneagram Wayfinder: Discover. Dive. Develop. Grow Bigger. Better.

Want to grow yourself, your awareness capabilities and Enneagram knowledge?

If so, great! Please join Susan for an upcoming 4 week self-discovery journey, Enneagram Wayfinder.
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